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Start Up Day 2012

Did you know that Wednesday 14th November 2012 has been designated national start up day 2012 by Start-up Britain? As part of our pledge we are running two surgeries for entrepreneurs looking to start in business. The first of these will be at our Billingham office between 9.30am and 11.30am, the second will be at Stockton Business Centre (details can be found at between 12.30pm and 2.30pm. For more information please email

If you are already in business you may be wondering why we are telling you this, firstly to give you the opportunity to make your own pledge to help start-ups and secondly for you to pass the message on to friends and colleagues who may be tomorrows entrepreneurs.

If you are doing something for start-up day let us know on twitter @hmbaccountants #startupday

Success at the BNI Durham and Teesside Awards

HMB Chartered Accountants are pleased to announce that our one and only Howard Bedford won two awards at the BNI Durham and Teesside Awards dinner last week. Howard won the Givers Gain Award for the Enterprise chapter as well as the Thank You for the Business Award for the whole of BNI Durham and Teesside region. The Thank You for the Business Award is presented to the individual who passes the highest value of business to other chapter members; this is not just in one chapter but across the whole of the Durham and Teesside region. In less than a year Howard has given over £150k worth of quality referrals to members of his chapter that have been converted into business for them, with many more to come. The Givers Gain Award is an award voted on by the chapter members, Howard is delighted that the members of Enterprise chapter think highly of him and is determined to continue to work with them all in the coming year.

HMB Accountants have been a member of the BNI Enterprise chapter since its launch earlier this year, and Howard, and others, have worked hard to make the chapter the success it has been in a relatively short period. The concept behind BNI is that of a business referral network based on the members knowing and understanding each otherís business, and above all having a trusted group that we are able to refer our clients to, in the knowledge that they will get the exceptional service that we strive to give them. The Enterprise chapter was the brainchild of Russ Sawdon who wanted to create a new chapter in the Stockton on Tees area focusing solely on business to business referrals, hence the name, Enterprise (even though Howard seems to believe it was named after the star ship in Star Trek!)

Howard puts his success at these awards, and the success of the chapter as a whole, down to the fact that the members are working closely together and focusing on the concept of giving to other members of the group and getting to know their businesses so that they can give back. Howard recounts that he was once told to live by the philosophy that ĎKarma kicks assí, BNI does just that, the action of giving quality referrals to your fellow member brings work back to you to help your business live long and prosper!